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My Fall
Bashing my head against the wall,
Fearing the fall,
Trying to forget it all,
Tell me it'll be ok,
That's all I need,
No just go away I can't make up my mind,
I feel like I need you all the time,
Though you are my demise,
The reason for all my lies,
I need your touch,
But it's too much,
Sometimes I'd rather die,
Than look you in the eye,
Sometimes you are my light,
The reason I get up an fight,
This battle in my head will never end,
The feelings take over,
I'm sick of this emotional roller coaster,
The blood hits the floor,
I can't take it anymore,
You were my rise,
Now my fall,
I don't know if you ever cared at all,
Leaving me breathless,
My pain is endless.
:iconbillm2n:Billm2n 5 4
All I Need is You (pt.1)
    Josh went through each day of his life barely making it to the next. Every minute at school, he was threatened. Tortured by the constant assault on him. In endless torment, he gradually became insane. The vast majority of his teachers flunked him in their classes out of spite, simply because they didn't like the way he looked. Even his parents, his own flesh and blood, beat him, yelled at him and nearly abandoned him one too many times.
    On this fateful day, something seemed different. Josh walked this path every morning and afternoon. It was tattooed into his mind, into his very being. One, two, three, four. Why did something seem different? Five, six, seven, eight. Only a few hundred metres from school, the air had a sudden chill. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. A single drop fell onto Josh's nose.
    As the rain picked up, there was a sudden static in the air. And then, it all fell apart. A sudden boom in the air signaled the start of a thunder
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 2 10
Nic (Chapter 1) part 1
    The only feeling that was worth noticing in this bright, loud room. Everyone pleased with themselves. Everyone simply taken alight with their fantasies, that may or may not ever come true. Who am I? I am Nic. Sometimes I think I was cursed to be this way. Even my parent's named me "nothing". Just so that when I introduce my self I can say "Hello, I am Nic. I am Nothing."
    This classroom is the vain of my existence. Full of unworthy souls stealing precious air that I once thought was sacred. How could they be so selfish? They steal our air, our thoughts, our minds. 
    Our souls.
    To think that once, not to long ago, I was a part of this never ending cycle. The cycle of hate, lies, greed and misery. Why was I so foolish? I should've known better. But I didn't. I followed them around aimlessly, like a dog, hoping that they would give me the time of day, that they would somehow understand me. But that was a big mi
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 5 70
Land of Pie part 1 of 4
   Long ago, there were peaceful creatures, known as the pie. The pie loved to frolic in the meadow, they loved to play fight and for those that crossed the all powerful god, they were killed and served to the people. The people were hard to satisfy. 
    The first pie ever to be given to a human was given as a tribute, as the human craved a new desert. Stanley was known as the crook of the land of pie. After hearing that the human was looking to eat a desert, the pie people were more than happy to give the humans this bad pie.
    Unknown to the pie people, the human that was given Stanley as a tribute, started to crave pie. The pie people had overlooked one crucial fact. Pie is delicious.
   The human that tasted this first pie, was named Steve. Steve was a simple man, of italian descent. He had taken much in his life. Ice cream from the land of Narnia, cookies from Andremma, marshmallows from Dravia and lasagna from Blu Procrasti-Nation.
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 3 9
A Broken Soul
A Broken Soul
One more broken soul
Laying shattered on the floor
Inside cut by cruel words.
Outside cut by the sweet blade.
A dream of a save world
In which can save me.
Reality hits me now and then
Because you can’t.
You would have to search
For every piece of my broken soul.
I can’t make you do that
All those shards could cut you
But we can’t both bleed.
What shall I do?
Wait until you can save me?
Save me and my soul?
I had that I can only deny this love to you
Because this love destroyed me
You broke me, you are the only one who can fix me.
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 10 21
Mature content
A White Dress :iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 7 49
You want to be enough for everyone
Pretty enough
Smart enough
Reckless enough and careful enough
Skinny enough and sinuous enough.
If your mask fits properly
Nobody cares about what is behind.
If your eyes shine
Nobody cares why
If it's beauty or fun or if this are tears.
As long as you fit in
Nobody cares.
But you just fit in when you are enough
And it's so hard to be enough
And it's so much harder not to be enough.
To those who pressure others
because they think they are the only ones worth living
the only ones who are perfect.
You should know that no one is perfect.
Not everybody is like you.
People who are different aren't less important.
They are as good as you
As good as everybody else
Think about that
And about what you can do to people
When you want them to be enough
To be perfect...
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 7 15
A Year
Raindrops hit the windows
A child is slipping on the wet leaves
But we are save inside
Me in your arms.
You whispered nothing could happen to me
Nothing could hurt me as long as you're with me
You promised you'd always protect me
While you kissed away a tear.
Snowflakes rest in your hair
The reflected light sparkles in your eyes
As we walk around the frozen lake
Hand in hand.
You whispered something happened
Something that'd change a lot
You promised it wasn't my fault
While you strictly avoided to look in my tear-filled eyes.
The earth fills with colors
The sun warms the air
While my world stays grey and cold
My soul remains black and frozen
Something happened to me
I'm hurt now you're gone
You lied to me
You didn't save me
People full of joy and passion
As the sunlight shines through my windows
While I'm completely lost.
You brought me to hell
I know that now
It was my fault
I see that now.
As I hold my arm into the sunlight
The blood sparkles
Just like th
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 6 19
The Jump
The lights of the town are like a thousand fireflies
The fresh breeze like a gasp of relief
My heart beat is like the sound of trampling feet of children
My soul is like a wilting rose.
I saw the stars in your eyes
I felt your heart underneath my hand
Your breath tickles on my neck
Everything passed away.
Now I sit here
On the roof upon the town
I listen to the chasing cars
See the sparkling lights
Sense the wind through the cracks of my soul.
Why shouldn't I jump in to the sea of lights?
Maybe I'll be a star
Which shines with all the others
Or maybe everything comes to an end
Like hope did so long ago.
If I jump my problems wouldn't be solved
But they'd end.
If I jump I wouldn't have to stand that emptiness
Or the crack in my heart.
Then my soul can
Disappear like smoke
up to the stars
towards the sky.
Then I'll be a star
I could watch and protect you from up there
It'd be better that way
More accepted than a broken soul on earth.
So goodbye!
Look towards the black night sky
Look to t
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 13 13
I watched myself walk away
Underneath the blurry stars
To a whole new land mysterious and dark
I knew there was a price to pay
But I still looked on from afar
I watched the distance grow and change
But I had taken this road anyway
I watched as I shed and gained new scars
So while diamonds gathered and fell
I watched myself walk away
Beneath the scatter of a million stars
Into this world of mystery and dark
:iconinamoramento:Inamoramento 5 2
It Hurts
It hurts when you don't notice me,
It hurts when you don't listen to me,
It hurts when you don't care about me,
It hurts when you say you love me but I don't feel it.
It hurts when you don't ask me what's wrong,
It hurts when you're not there to save me,
It hurts when you act too busy for me,
It hurts when you don't hear me screaming.
It hurts when I think about what I can't have,
It hurts when I imagine bliss but have to wait for it,
It hurts when you don't know why I'm hurting,
It hurts when you don't know that I'm hurting.
There is so much pain inside of me,
I need to release it,
I need your help to learn to be happy,
For I am loved by you,
But I still complain,
I still feel miserable,
Please stop hurting me,
I know you don't mean to,
But the pain is too hard to bear,
Hold me and tell me it's ok,
Tell me you'll make it better,
Please fix me.
:iconbrokenromantic:BrokenRomantic 298 74
The Story of Two
Stories, oh so many stories!
They tell of pain and misery.
These stories of a tortured girl
With horrid memories.
Pain of a broken heart,
As she's left alone in the dark...
The pieces scattered everywhere
When she found there was no spark.
Haunted by her memories by day,
And horrifying dreams at night...
Tears stream down her face
With the pain she cannot fight.
So many people doubted her
And always saw nothing,
But in all reality...
In this girl was something.
This girl had a soul of silver,
A heart made of gold.
Great strength and determination,
A personality so bold.
She refused to give up,
Kept success in sight...
She would not back down,
Wouldn't give in without a fight.
This girl is more than nothing,
More than anyone could see.
She's got so much potential,
So much she could be.
Yet no one understands,
No one wanted to believe.
Except one young man
With his heart on his sleeve.
He saw everything in her,
The agonies of her past...
He saw a horrifying life
In which many would not l
:icontribaltimbo:TribalTimbo 9 67
W.I.P. Willow Tree
Follow me to the willow tree
And we can sit and bask in the sun
Where our memories come out in broken melodies
And our carefully woven minds come ondone.
:icondead-in-the-end:Dead-In-The-End 8 9
Home is where the heart is.
Well what if you don't have heart, per say?
I'm not sure I have one.
Don't get me wrong I have a heart.
I have the organ that pumps blood throughout the rest of my body.
But that's not what the phrase refers to.
It means where your emotions are, where you can be safe and loved and can give love in return.
What do I have?
What if I don't have that?
What if I don't 'feel' like everyone else?
What if I don't have a home like that?
Does that mean I don't have a heart?
Out of all the things I've been called, I've never been called heartless before.
All I ever wanted was people to be happy.
And they were never happy around me.
Cold, they said. Cruel, they called me.
They know nothing.
To be cruel, you have to feel.
To be cold, you have to know what warmth is.
I know neither of those things.
I know nothing of heart and home.
To feel, what is that like?
To have a home, what is that like?
To be loved, what is that like?
I'm so curious.
So tell me
:iconoilux:Oilux 207 69
Cut open my body
Take away my insides
Skin off my shell
Just to get out of your hell
Tear off my hair
Glue it to your skull
Rip it off my clothes
So you can blossom like a rose
Take everything I have
Become everything you aren't
Transform into me
And toss away the key
Know everything I know
Be everything I am
Steal everything I own
Just because you are alone
Remove my hand
Write as if they're your own
Drain me of my blood
So you can escape the flood
Consume everything
Devour my very being
Take what you can get
Make me your little pet
Hidden in my flesh
Like maggots in meat
You are not what you seem
Lost in my dream
Don't show your face
It has never seen the light
I am not right
Is what you chant at night
Study me like a rat
Examine me like a painting
Capture every thing you can
Because you never even began
:iconmyblood-lust:myblood-lust 11 11
Call me a modern day Julius Caesar
But I'm a mix of Cleopatra too.
For I am familiar with the ways of manipulation
and I will throw you away once I've conquered you.
You'll call me the girl of your dreams
And promise undying love to me.
But once I have all you have to offer darling
Well then, you have nothing else I need.
I'm a huntress on the prowl
Looking for my next meal.
And once I've had it darling
Can you blame me if hunger again I feel?
It's nothing personal,
It never was, it never is.
It's the way I am, the way I'm built
Always longing for that heart of his.
And once I have it,
What to do?
I need it not,
so I simply give it back to you.
People think I will end up alone
But that cannot be true my dear.
Because this world is full of challenges,
And what is more intriguing than challenges I do not fear?
:iconfairy-tale-dreams:fairy-tale-dreams 6 0
So I know it has been a while since I have posted an entry. I haven't had much to say and it has been some trouble to keep up with the group. :onfire:

But around now I decided I want to find at least 1-2 new co-founders, to help manage the group possibly. I don't ask for much activity, just some help to keep the group a bit more lively. I would ask for help in maybe ideas for a contest, or for improvements. I am not really a strict founder.
To apply to one of my topics I just stated, I would really love to have a contest at one point. That is if anyone would really like to participate.
I think I would really need help knowing what to do for prizes. I have ideas, but I think of them as really crappy.

And if you think that you could be a good co-founder and possibly help me out, then let me know. Thank you! :D

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This group is made for appreciators of literature and literature writers. I welcome all writers to join. I, myself, am an aspiring writer. Please join if you enjoy writing and reading literature, for that is what we are about. Thank you.
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